10 Automations Small Business Should Consider to Grow More Successful

Process automation can seem like a daunting prospect for small businesses, however, with the increasing availability of automation software and tools, it is now far less expensive than ever before. As a result, small to mid-sized businesses can reap the benefits of automated processes as an alternative to hiring people to perform time-consuming tasks. Automated business processes, once heralded as the way of the future, is now almost considered commonplace – in other words, the future is now!


Not sure whether automation tools can help your small business grow? Here’s how automation can help your company save money, and generate optimal results.


Better Customer Support

Whether they offer a product or a service, companies simply cannot get by in today’s hyper-competitive market unless they offer good customer support. A few years ago, good customer support meant hiring employees to handle calls and e-mails. Today, expectations changed drastically.

Many businesses across industries choose to integrate chatbots to their websites. Through these, potential and recurring customers can ask questions, express their concerns, and identify the right products for their needs. Additionally, e-mail-based customer support can also be successfully automated. This brings us to the next automation opportunity: e-mail marketing.


Targeted E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is a crucial component for any small business owner who wants their company’s core audience to keep in touch with their brand, products, and ongoing offers. Small and medium-sized businesses cannot always afford a full-time team of marketing professionals to craft e-mail campaigns on a daily basis.

Instead, your company could use an automation tool to send regular and special e-mail communications to clients and leads. This is achieved by creating a decision tree, wherein each decision made by a potential or recurring customer catalyzes an e-mail communication that’s targeted specifically to them.


Improved Sales Processes

No automation can replace a sales team. Instead, automation efforts can help your business manage its sales workflow in a more efficient manner.

Sales automation tools are as varied as you’d imagine. They can do anything from organizing cluttered pipelines, sending messages to customers with queries, generating more leads to target new customers and many more.


Smoother Internal Workflow

No matter how efficient and organized your operations may be, there will always be occasional mistakes to throw your entire workflow for a toss.

Automation tools can help improve internal workflow by assigning tasks to employees or contractors based on their role or performance, setting reminders, coordinating communications, scheduling meetings, and even offering your team a pat on the back at the end of the day.

Smarter Social Media Management

Social Media has become essential for virtually any business. For their Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or even Instagram pages, businesses like yours can use automation tools to schedule posts, generate reports, track online trends and more. Social Media automation helps reduce the time a company dedicates to constant posting and monitoring of their social media platforms.


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More Efficient Finance Management

Finances and expense management help businesses understand where their losses are and build strategies to support their financial growth. Finance management tools can help small businesses to organize data, save time, manage expenses, and get a clear picture of where they stand.

Automation tools can help companies like yours to identify areas of growth, teams that generate the most revenue, and can even provide projections to help plan your next business move !


Accurate Social Media Listening

Social media listening allows businesses to understand and analyze what online users are saying about their brand. Automation tools can assist you with collecting and compiling such in smart reports that will help you gain valuable insights about how your brand is perceived.

Understanding the perceived strengths of your business can help you capitalize on what potential customers want from your brand and improve what they don’t like. Thus, ensuring that your business aligns with the needs of its market.


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Faster Data Archiving

Archiving and backing up data can be a tedious task. When exposed to human error, it can quickly turn into a nightmare. Automation tools can help cut down the cost of human resources and significantly reduce the risk for time-consuming errors.


Smoother Onboarding for Clients

B2B companies need to ensure that client relations are well managed, and that their products or services are constantly exposed to potential clients. Needless to say, this task can quickly turn into an extensive, time-consuming and tedious process. That’s why many small and medium-sized businesses now use a number of automation tools to send e-mails or to chat with clients, nurture leads, and even offer basic support for clients.


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Accurate Inventory Management

Whether your business runs its own e-commerce website or seeks to stay on top of their office supplies, automated inventory management tools can help you manage your inventory like a pro. Automated inventory management tools can send alerts or reminders when stocks are running low, automatically place orders, compile and archive order details, manage logistics and much more to ensure that your inventory never runs out!

To survive and grow in this market, small and medium-sized businesses like ours must do everything we can to stay competitive. Automation is a good place to start to reduce our human dependency, our costs and the time we spend on low-return tasks. Automation can also help us increase the efficiency of our work from the marketing to the finance department!

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